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Looking to sell your unwanted gadgets?

Zarax Ltd pays top dollar for your working or non-working electrical items!*

Are you thinking “Where can I sell my gadgets today?”  Do you leave cash lying around the house? Probably not; but it has been estimated that most of the population will have unwanted items gathering dust at home, packed away in the attic or sitting in the back of a cupboard. While these gadgets may be of no use to them, someone else would buy them in an instant!

These items could be worth hundreds or even thousands of pounds – so why leave them lying around the house? We buy a wide range of electrical items that include:


Gifted a game you don’t want? Or have a few games that have been sitting around? Let us take those off your hands.

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Whether you’re a PlayStation loyalist looking to upgrade or you can’t stand the sight of Sony, we’ll buy your unneeded PS3.

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No matter if you are (or were) an amateur or professional photographer, we want to buy your used cameras. We buy any make, model, or condition!

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Why not sell your used (or even broken) Xbox 360 to Zarax, and let us help you afford an Xbox One? No matter how dusty it is, we want to buy!

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As Apple releases new products, iPods quickly depreciate in value. Don’t wait to sell your old model! Turn your unwanted iPods into cash today.

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With phone providers offering upgrades every year or two, almost everyone has a used phone sitting around. Turn it to cash with Zarax!

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Sell your TV to Zarax. We’ll offer you the same top prices for any of our gadgets… and we’ll also dispatch a courier to come pick it up.

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Laptops old, broken, or new? We want to buy your laptop from you! Plus, we’ll always give you more money than anyone else for it.

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What Our Customers Say About Us

Absolutely Fantastic Service!

My PS3 stayed with me to the very end, but the end had come because I wanted to buy a PS4.  Anyway I sold my PS3 to Zara, it was a really easy process and with the unexpectedly large amount of cash they gave me, I bought my PS4.


Takuma Gareet

Efficient, Quick and Easy

My PS3 stopped reading discs. But I didn’t really want to wait to get it repaired so I just sold it and got a PS4. Zarax not only bought it even though it wasn’t working they gave me more than I expected for it. PS4 was really expensive so the cash helped a bunch.

Chinedu Jekyll

Great Service All Round!

Thank you for buying my ps3 so quickly and with such great service

Great Service!

My iPod stopped working about three years ago. I was going to get it fixed but I keep all my music on my phone now. So I sold it to Zarax and let me just say wow. Just wow! Great service, great money, great experience! I am so happy I found you guys. I will definitely use your services again and I have recommended you to all my friends! Even ones who have working gadgets – just to tell them, when they want to sell, to do it through you guys haha.

Holly Prince

So Easy!

Wow, this process was almost too easy. The quote took around two minutes to fill out. They emailed me within half an hour and I sent them my iPod. Only a day later, they had it, and they deposited the money into my PayPal.
Fiona O'Neil

Will be back again!

Third time using Zarax – first for an old laptop, then an old phone, then an iPod. Maybe it is starting to become an addiction?! I am happy with the service, and of course, very happy with the money
Luis Gross

Speedy Service

Such great service and so much faster than I was expecting! Plus they gave me cash for my iPod. Eventually I bought some really nice shoes with it. Great service, will definitely recommend!! (Zarax – not the shoes! The shoes are good too)

Best Gadget Buy Back Company Around

I’m a professional photographer so I always have to trade out for the best equipment. I’ve sold my old cameras to a few places before and have had mixed experiences. Most have been okay at best. eBay was an absolute nightmare though with all the fees they charged. For best value, best service, quickest times, and just leaving me the happiest, no one compares to Zarax. I’ve been using their services for about five years now and sold about fifteen cameras. I’ll keep coming back as long as they keep being the best at gadget buyback.

Yancy Silva

Couldn’t be Happier

Great price offered for my broken camera. I hadn’t used it in months and finally decided to replace it rather than getting it fixed somewhere. Zarax handed me cash for my broken camera within days of when I filled out the quote! Couldn’t be happier with the service I received!

Jerry Watson

Highly recommended, good fast service

I came to say how amazing Zarax is and how fast their service is and how they gave me so much cash for my old phone. But I think the other testimonials speak for themselves. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.
Macario Reye

Really is better than eBay!

Love using Zarax! I can ship them all my used phones and I get the money really quickly! I didn’t believe when they said I could get more than on ebay so I looked at what my phone was selling for. It’s the truth though. There were people selling their phones for what Zarax was going to give me but no one was actually buying them for that price.
Adrianna Plasket

Perfect for phone upgrades

I get a phone upgrade every year or 2 with my phone company. So each time I take my old phone to Zarax. One of them had a crack on the case and they still bought it. One of them had water damage and they still bought it. If you’re going to do it just make sure you keep the box and manuals and stuff. That way they can give you a higher price.
Zohar Patterson

So Quick and Easy!

So first they have you fill out a quote, which only takes like five minutes. They say it takes an hour to get back to you with the price. I got my email in fifteen minutes. They came to pick up my laptop so I didn’t have to ship it or anything. Someone was able to come to pick it up the very next day! They took it back to their shop and the day after that, they gave me the exact amount IN CASH. So basically the whole thing only took like two days. It was amazing! I’ll definitely use it again.
Lindsey Joyner

Great staff, great service

The staff at Zarax are great. Really friendly, plus such a fast turnaround time. I still can’t believe they came to pick up my laptop at my house. I thought for sure I’d have to pay for p&p to get it there, or drop it off myself. Thanks for the amazing experience.

Sarah Ramsay

Highly Recommended

I have used Zarax more times than I can count. Why? …….. because they’re great! Always get good, fast service through them. I’ve recommended them to so many friends who have also sold their laptops with Zarax. It’s the perfect way to get money to buy better laptops!
Dave Sheffield

Great to get rid of games too

I sold my son’s Xbox 360 to Zarax a few months ago because he went off to college. It was a really fast and easy experience. So when I found his collection of old Xbox games in his room, I checked Zarax first. Turns out they do buy them and my experience selling his games was just as good as the first experience. I’m a very happy customer!

Josie Kane

Really Pleased

I’ve been a Zarax customer for years and I didn’t know you bought used games. You offered me so much for my old games,  much more than I was getting selling off of eBay! Thank you!

Sam Roach

Quick service and so helpful

I had to downsize to move into a flat and couldn’t take as much stuff with me. So I had to sell my used games because they took up too much space. Zarax was so fast with giving me a quote and I had my money just days later. Helped me get some furniture for my flat too.

Lauren Patton

Great for Unwanted Presents

I bought my son an Xbox as a gift and he didn’t really take to it. So I decided to sell it instead and just gave him the money for it. He ended up liking that better (I wish they weren’t so hard to shop for) and I was glad the process was so easy.

Cathy Daintree

Don’t Throw Away Your Broken Gadgets!

When my Xbox broke, I heard some companies might buy broken electronics. I did a few web searches and the most professional looking site by far was  I answered their questions about my Xbox’s condition and accessories. I submitted them and ten minutes later, I had an email with a quote. I shipped my Xbox the same day and they called me when they received it, transferring the money right into my bank.

Peter Dawes

Amazing speed and amazing prices!

 I’m so happy with the deal I got in selling my Xbox, and the money came really quickly too. Thank you!


Paul Knights

Great Service and Polite Staff

Very happy with the service I received when I sold my TV to Zarax. I had a lot of questions so I called them. Answered right away, very polite on the phone, very patient with me… and I got the money directly transferred to my bank account.

Annie Atkins

Happy Customer

I know everyone is saying the same thing in the testimonials but Zarax is amazing! They came to pick up my TV the very next day – no extra fee or anything and they gave me so much cash for it. I am a very happy customer. Thanks!
Keira Albright

Highly Recommended

I searched around for a long time to find the best company to sell my TV to and finally decided on Zarax, I’m so glad I did!. Zarax was very fair to me. I recommend them to anyone looking for a nice, fair and reliable deal on their TV. I get the money in my bank and they have my old LG TV that I no longer needed. Everyone wins!!!
Ben Morgan

Old PS3

When I upgraded my PS3 I was going to sell it on eBay as that is what I have always done. I decided to give Zarax a try though and I’m really pleased. They gave me far more than I thought I would get, and I didn’t have to worry about selling it myself either. Would definitely use again

Don Patton

Perfect service from start to finish

When my old camera broke I was going to throw it away but a friend recommended Zarax to me. I’m so glad she did! I got an email back with a quote on really quickly and I had the money for the old camera within days. So pleased and will definitely spread the word

Hannah Goodman

Great service every time

I have been using Zarax for a while to get rid of all my old electronics. I’m so happy with the service, it’s helped me declutter my house and the money has also come in really handy too! I have recommended it to loads of my friends and family and they are all really pleased too.

Nicola Pilgram

The Environmentally Friendly Option!

I used to just throw away my old broken phones and cameras, I didn’t realise that there were companies that would buy them off you! I’m so happy with the service from Zarax, quick and polite service, plus it’s so much better for the environment … and my bank balance!

Debbie Belle