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If you’re looking to sell your games for cash, then you’ve come to the right place. We offer GREAT PRICES for your unwanted games and this is all done with a service which is RELIABLE, FAST AND EASY!

We have a long list of happy customers who have been using us since we established ourselves as a company that offers honesty, reliability and success.

All you have to do is fill in the quotation form and await our reply (along with that sweet cash to line your pockets). One thing which we don’t deal with, is hassle. We’re proud to provide such a smooth running service which leaves our customers happy, smiling, and always willing to come back

We know as well as you do, games can gather dust and after many joyful hours of play, sometimes they just have to go. This is where we come in! We’re on hand to offer you prices which are almost impossible to beat.

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Please Note: All of our quotations are manually processed, taking everything into account. By doing so we can give you the best possible quotation for your item, unlike other websites that work on an automated, inflexible system. Click here to find out more, including a thorough answer to our most frequently asked question: “Would I get more on ebay?”

We are strictly a UK Based Service – Moreover, we are selective of the quotes we respond to, which depends on the condition and specification of your item.

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The Process Explained

So how do I sell my games for cash?

Just Follow These 4 Easy Steps:

Step 1

You request a quote. Fill out our quote form, which is designed to help us quote you the most accurate and best price around. We  get back to you A.S.A.P!

Step 2

You marvel at the amount we have quoted you. You say, “how soon can I sell my games for cash and get my hands on the money?”

Step 3

We reply, “how soon can you send it to us?”
Pop it in a padded envelope and post to:
Zarax Ltd. 26 Boiler House, Electric Wharf, CV1 4JU.

Step 4

Once we receive your old games, we will send you your payment IMMEDIATELY by recorded delivery or PayPal – your choice! Then once you receive your wad of cash, you think, “how many more gadgets do I have lying around, so these guys can keep paying me?”

What Our Customers Say About Us

Great to get rid of games too

I sold my son’s Xbox 360 to Zarax a few months ago because he went off to college. It was a really fast and easy experience. So when I found his collection of old Xbox games in his room, I checked Zarax first. Turns out they do buy them and my experience selling his games was just as good as the first experience. I’m a very happy customer!

Josie Kane

Really Pleased

I’ve been a Zarax customer for years and I didn’t know you bought used games. You offered me so much for my old games,  much more than I was getting selling off of eBay! Thank you!

Sam Roach

Quick service and so helpful

I had to downsize to move into a flat and couldn’t take as much stuff with me. So I had to sell my used games because they took up too much space. Zarax was so fast with giving me a quote and I had my money just days later. Helped me get some furniture for my flat too.

Lauren Patton