Top Apps For Kids

Today’s kids are tech savvy. Gone are the days when their games were played on paper or with toys. There is a wide range of games to choose from on the internet and with digital devices. Kids are trained to use these devices to enjoy and learn from an early age. Here are a few games that Zarax have seen currently trending in the market.


EyePlay comprises a virtual reality playground enabling several players to intermingle in an environment that consists of sounds and multicolored graphics displayed on walls and floors. Each system has MotionAware Technology that responds with the movement of players. The excitement created through interaction with applications, games, sounds and animations.

Milk Hunt

Milk Hunt has been developed to help kids learn mental math in an environment they are most comfortable with. The gameplay is challenging but has all the fun required to keep children between the age of six and eleven years focused. Mental math is revised thus providing the kids with game currency. This allows for power-ups leading to a higher game score. As such, the kids practice math more. A database of questions is created by an intelligent algorithm that monitors the kids’ performance. Progress can be monitored by tutors or parents based on various reports derived from the game.

Skylanders Trap Team

This is part of the Skylanders franchise and puts life into toys by enabling kids to bring the characters in the digital world into the real world. There are special traps used to capture the most sought after villains after defeating them using portal masters. Villains are then sent back into the game to be used as characters fighting for good against evil. Skylanders Trap Team is a product of Activision.

Slice Fractions

If you are looking for learning material that features game play, Slice Fractions is the right game. It is innovative by nature and incorporates fractions. Fractions are known to be difficult to teach in learning institutions yet they find use in many real life scenarios. The same way a block can be sliced creates the basis for the use of fractions. This reduces the reservations that many of us have about learning math that is generally regarded as a difficult subject by many people. It is an easy way to learn and the level of understanding increases quickly.

The new apps are designed not only for fun and entertainment but learning as well. These well thought out games ensure that your kids will enjoy themselves while picking up some knowledge along the way. When compared to the older and more conventional games, apps for kids have helped speed up the learning curve. Sell you gadgets for real cash on the day, only with Zarax!

The aforementioned games are regarded as the best in the market. However, there is still a wide variety of games to choose from in this category. But if you are looking for a combination of homework and fun, these are the games to look out for in the market. You will spend less time helping your kid with homework and they will not mind. You get the opportunity to attend to other urgent matters without much worry.

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