Why Choose Zarax?

After being in the gadget trade for 25 years, we’ve had time to perfect the art. Here are just a few reasons why we’re the best gadget buyer you’ll find:

  • Free next-day collections provided by the UK’s largest courier, with track and trace facilities and free transit insurance up to £1000. No more tedious trips to the post office! Oh, and have you seen how much they charge to send a parcel??


  • Instant money transfer. What’s the point of being sent a cheque? It means physically have to go to a bank and then wait days to go to a bank for it to clear. The whole point of selling online is to avoid such hassle. Zarax understands that, which is why we offer instant money transfer to your bank account or PayPal. Or cash, if that’s your style.


  • Best prices. We are always scouring our competitors to ensure we offer you the best deal we can.  However, we are all too aware of companies who offer prices which sound way too good to be true and blow the competition out of the water. Be careful! We know how the rogue companies work – you send the item to them, then they will call back stating the condition was not as described, removing money for the tiniest of superficial scratches. Before you know it, you’re offered way below market value for your unit. If you refuse the offer, wait till you see how much they will charge you for return postage! We’ve heard the horror stories, and they’ve given us a great example of the kind of business we don’t want to be.


  • Will I get more on eBay? All we endorse here is honesty, so we’ll be honest:  on eBay, you may possibly make a little more. I promise you it won’t be significant. However, welcome now to the dark side of eBay.  eBay charges are 10% of the final sale price – but it doesn’t stop there. Selling on eBay means you will be forced to use PayPal to accept payment, who charge a further 4% of the entire amount of the final sale. Then eBay charges a further listing fee, which is normally £3 (depending on the category and number of pictures).To give you some figures on this, if you sold your item for £100, then your take home will be around £83.00 – a whopping 17% off. Plus, that doesn’t even include the hassle of posting the item. At that point, you are completely at the mercy of the eBay buyer. He has to leave you positive feedback before PayPal releases your money. They can hold your money for 30 days. If you are unfortunate enough to have a scrupulous ebayer, they may remove the parts from your console or laptop to repair theirs, and the raise a claim through eBay stating the item received was not as described. More often than not PayPal favour the buyer not the seller. If you’re wondering why we know so much about this – we have been the victim of these eBay scams all too often.


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