Sell my Xbox 360 For Cash 

You might be thinking, “all I want to do is sell my Xbox for cash, buy a new one and play more games!” This is where Zarax comes in. We are ready and waiting for you to get in touch!

Zarax really is the simplest, fastest and most stress-free way to make some money on your unwanted games console. With us, you have a keen buyer waiting to pay you cash AND at a higher price than you will get anywhere else. We will even collect from your home for FREE.

If you considered advertising your unwanted electronics on an auction site such as eBay, then this is not necessarily the best place for you to get the best deal – only we can do that!

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Please Note: All of our quotations are manually processed, taking everything into account. By doing so we can give you the best possible quotation for your item, unlike other websites that work on an automated, inflexible system. Click here to find out more, including a thorough answer to our most frequently asked question: “Would I get more on ebay?”

We are strictly a UK Based Service – Moreover, we are selective of the quotes we respond to, which depends on the condition and specification of your item.

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Sell my Xbox For Cash, The Process Explained

So how do I sell my Xbox 360 for cash?

Just Follow These 4 Easy Steps:

Step 1

You request a quote. Fill out our quote form, which was designed to help us quote you the most accurate and best price around. We get back to you A.S.A.P!

Step 2

You think our price rocks. You say, “how soon can you pay me for my Xbox?”

Step 3

We reply, “how soon can a courier collect it from you?” You pack up the Xbox in a cardboard box safely and securly, and let us know your next available date. Then as soon as we receive your Xbox, we will pay you IMMEDIATELY. We will send the payment to you by recorded delivery or through PayPal – the choice is yours!

Step 4

You receive your wad of cash, spend it as you see fit, and get to thinking, “what else can I sell to these guys and get such a great price and excellent service?”

What Our Customers Say About Us

Great for Unwanted Presents

I bought my son an Xbox as a gift and he didn’t really take to it. So I decided to sell it instead and just gave him the money for it. He ended up liking that better (I wish they weren’t so hard to shop for) and I was glad the process was so easy.

Cathy Daintree

Don’t Throw Away Your Broken Gadgets!

When my Xbox broke, I heard some companies might buy broken electronics. I did a few web searches and the most professional looking site by far was  I answered their questions about my Xbox’s condition and accessories. I submitted them and ten minutes later, I had an email with a quote. I shipped my Xbox the same day and they called me when they received it, transferring the money right into my bank.

Peter Dawes

Amazing speed and amazing prices!

 I’m so happy with the deal I got in selling my Xbox, and the money came really quickly too. Thank you!


Paul Knights