Terms & Conditions

1. Any item(s) sold must be sold with the owner’s consent. Onus of liability vests upon the sender having already obtained relevant permission to sell unit to Zarax UK Ltd. You must be of 18 years of age to use this service or have parental / guardian permission if under 18.

2. All items received must have a legible serial number (SN) as all items will be cross referenced against the police national database. Mobile phones IMEI numbers will be checked against the database of stolen cellular. Any items found to be stolen will be handed to the police immediately. We take the matter of stolen items very seriously indeed and we will in addition seek costs to recover all courier costs.

3. Laptops collected are insured by APC Overnight couriers up to £500. If your item(s) exceeds this value then please contact us so that we can arrange special transit insurance.  Items which are not packaged appropriately will not be covered under transit insurance in the event of the claim.

4.  TV’s sent in a box and using sufficient packaging material are covered by Zarax UK Ltd up to £500 in the event that the unit is lost, stolen or damage in transit or at an APC depot.  You will receive maximum quote value if the above applies.  Items which are not packaged appropriately will not be covered under transit insurance in the event of the claim.

5. The onus of liability vests upon the seller to ensure the packaging used is appropriate for the unit. We recommend for laptops that the packing is either the original box; if unavailable a cake box with strong support particularly around the edges would be advisable. Ensure the laptop does not move around during transit and kindly make sure the screen is not pressed against any aspect of the box. TV’s are particularly vulnerable to damage during transit if not boxed appropriately so when packing the item ensure you use sufficient packaging materials to prevent the screen or chassis receiving any damage. When packing an item use the objective approach and would a reasonable person deem the packaging used sufficient to ensure safe transit of unit.

6.  TV’s sent without a box are not covered by Zarax UK Ltd in the event of damage.

7.  On the quotation form the question which asks if the TV comes with the box refers to the original box.

8. Our quotation price is based on the generic model number of that particular series of laptop/TV/Console. If the laptop has had modifications to decrease the performance or specification; will be subject to change.

9. All quotes are based upon the condition and peripherals provided. If there is a discrepancy in the condition or specification, then we reserve the right to adjust the price accordingly.

10. All quotes are valid for a period of 7 working days, and any quote after this period of time will need to be resubmitted.

11. APC Overnight operate on a next day business delivery turnaround, thus if your unit iscollected on Thursday then we will receive it on Friday. However if unit is collected on Friday we will receive it the following Monday. Please note, on rare occasions this is not possible and we may receive it in 2 working days. During adverse weather conditions or acts of God delivery times may be affected. Remember you can always check the parcels progress via the track and trace facility.

12. In the event that a courier is dispatched and is unable to make a collection, you will be charged £14.95. This is payable either via bank transfer or PayPal. We will pursue all non- payers via our debt collection agency partners.

13. All cancelations must be made via email using the unique confirmation ID number 24hours in advance. Any cancelations after this period will be subject to charge as per section.10.

14. All units will remain in the property of the sender until such time that you have received payment for your item.

15. Sender reserves the right to request the unit back if decides that s/he does not wish to proceed or any accept new quote. Charges for sending the unit back can vary between £19.95 – £30.00. All items sent back will be in the same manner and packaging as when received.

16. All items received will be subject to a vigorous inspection process in which multiple pictures including the packaging material will be taken to provide better assistance and to avoid any areas of ambiguity. We reserve the right to hold pictures of the laptop indefinitely in the event of a dispute.

17. Upon final acceptance of the price we aim to transfer the funds within 2 working hours (before 4pm) or within 3 working hours via PayPal. Cheques may take up to 5-7 working days. All cheques are sent 1st class.

18. We reserve the right not to proceed with any potential purchase – Such cases Zarax UK Ltd will send the unit back to the client at no cost using APC couriers.

19. We reserve the right not to proceed with any potential purchase if we feel foul play or an intention to deceive e.g. temporary repair of a PlayStation without damaging the warranty seal. Such cases will involve the return of the item with a fee as set out in section 13.

20. Complaints Procedure – In the unlikely event that you wish to make a complaint then either email us at [email protected] or write to us at Zarax UK Ltd – Head Office, 26 Boiler House, Electric Wharf, CV1 4JU. We will always respond within 48hours by email and 7 working days by post.

21. We do not permit for health and safety purposes any collections from our warehouse.

22. Ensure all passwords are removed prior to dispatching any units. If a laptop is password protected then you may incur fees for password removal.

23. Zarax UK Ltd complies with all legislation set out in the Data Protection Act 1998, and all data will be erased compliant to MoD standards. If you require the HDD back please make sure that this request is made in the form so we can price the unit accordingly