Here at we know that everybody wants to get the best value for their money when looking for a TV set. However, there is a wide variety to choose from and you will have to grapple with a host of technologies, different screen sizes and strange terms to mention but a few. Moreover, there are many manufacturers in the market that offer various models within their ranges with a variety of features. In other words, you will have to pick from a number of categories that include for example, 3D or Ultra HD 4K screen.

The bottom line is that you need to identify a TV that fits into your budget with the best all-round capabilities according to your needs and requirements. You may not get the best one in the market but you can still get a TV that is worth every dollar you spent. With current technologies evolving at a fast pace, you are bound to buy a TV that has most of the modern features to enhance your viewing experience. Here are a few of the kind that are impressive and provide you with a great experience when watching your favorite soap or sports game.

Samsung UE65JS9500

The Samsung UE65JS9500 is a more user friendly version of the previous models and offers enhanced color and brightness technologies making the LCD picture quality more refined. Its HDR technology makes a big difference in picture quality and provides a more resolute image than the progression between HD and UHD technology.

LG 55EC9300 (55-inch)

The LG 55EC9300 55-inch provides a high resolution LED-LCD display that offers superior colors and contrast even when viewed far off-axis thanks to the OLED technology. Other significant features include webOS that ranks among the best in the world. The aesthetics of the TV are second to none and it is only a quarter of an inch thick.

Sony KD-75X9405C

Sony continues its superior sound quality with the KD-75X9405C while boasting excellent contrast performance and outstanding colors for an LCD TV. The smart TV features are well configured. Picture quality ranks among the best in the market. This is definitely among the best all-round TV packages in the market today.

Vizio P652ui-B2 (65-inch)

The Vizio P652ui-B2 is the most competitively priced TV in its category. It features the latest 4K/Ultra HD technology. The full array LED backlighting provides unmatched deep black levels and superior contrast. Other eye-catching features include several apps with a perceptive smart TV interface. Movie watchers will be satisfied with the color quality and you can add a good soundbar to the TV for sound enhancement. This is definitely the best budget UHD/4K TV in the market.

Panasonic TX-40CX680B

On of the most significant features of the Panasonic TX-40CX680B is the improved quality and performance of the pixels. Pictures are sharper and more refined and it also offers an outstanding smart Firefox TV OS. The TV screen contains 8 million pixels that enhance color and black levels. With new technologies like Freeview Play in the pipeline, you can be sure to get the best value for your money in the 4K screen category. Sell your old TV for quick cash with us today!

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