Some Great iPod Extras

The iPod envisages a technological revolution. It is an icon with features that are second to none. The creative genius behind its design and development has opened the door to other inventions. Among them are the following:

Portable Bose SoundDock

The Bose SoundDock has two variants; the SoundDock portable and the SoundDock II. Not only can it be used for iPod or iPhone audio, it can be put to other uses because of the audio-in port feature. The SoundDock Portable varies from the SoundDock II in that the former retracts into itself and can use a Battery or AC current.

Wireless iPod Speaker System (EOS)

The EOS system gives you the opportunity to listen to your favorite music in different locations of the house at the same time. The speaker in the Base is supplemented by four wireless speakers allowing you to listen to the music on your iPod in five different rooms.

Universal Dock

The Apple Universal Dock has an audio Line Out that gives you the ability to connect your iPod to external speakers or your HiFi system. Accompanying the Universal Dock is the Apple Remote giving you the freedom to control your iPod from a different location in the room.

In-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic

The iPod accessories include In-Ear Headphones that offer a better fit while delivering better sound and near-perfect noise isolation. The cables come with iPod control that allows for ease of use. Moreover, the second generation iPod touch offers the added feature of voice usage for sound apps through the built-in microphone.


The AppleCare protection plan helps you overcome challenges related to a worn out battery or terminal failure. You can exchange your iPod for a new one if it has a problem. Cover extends to the battery too. This protection plan is helpful especially when you intend to keep your iPod for more than twelve months.


The Griffin Technologies PowerJolt is a car charger for use with the iPhone or iPod device. It is particularly useful where you do not possess built-in iPod integration facilities. Any USB devices can be charged with this charger. Due to the availability of a connection point at the base you are able to plug in the standard USB cable. This allows you to charge other devices that are USB chargeable.

PassPORT Dock

The PassPORT Dock offers compatibility features that enable you to charge your current model iPod or iPhone when connected to your previous generation iPod speaker system. This is especially useful when you have an iPhone 3g, fourth generation iPod nano or second generation iPod touch.
These accessories allow iPod user to have an unparalleled experience with their devices. It makes the user maximize the utility or enjoyment derived from the iPod. Of course, there are many sound devices and media players in the market but the unique nature of the iPod is what makes it fun to own and use. Next time you go shopping you could consider getting one for yourself! Sell your iPod with Zarax today for instant cash!

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