MacBook Pro 13in Vs. Surface Pro 3 review: Which is better?

So, the question that is on everyones lips: Microsoft or Mac? Zarax investigates! Microsoft has straightforwardly derided the MacBook Air in correlation adverts with the Surface Pro 3. At the same time in the event that you investigate the details of the Windows 8.1 half and half, you’ll see it has all the more in a similar manner as Apple’s premium MacBook Pro range.

Consequently its more pleasant to contrast the Surface Pro 3 and a kindred top of the line opponent like the 13in MacBook Pro (mid-2014). The gadgets fought it out to see which had the best plan, presentation, data, working framework, battery life, execution, ports, reparability and evaluating.

Design and Versatility

Microsoft has planned the Pro 3 as a 2-in-1 half and half. It’s got a separable console, which can be cut into utilize the gadget like a portable computer. On the other hand the machine can be utilized as a tablet with the touchscreen.

The implicit kickstand permits the Pro to be propped up on any level surface and it tilts again to 150 degrees providing for you various review positions.

The Surface Pro 3 has a wonderful and extreme Magnesium-compound frame. It’s got a thickness of 9.1mm and the tablet alone weighs 800g. Reasonably, you’re going to be investing a large portion of your time with the Type Cover appended, which brings the weight of the gadget to a little more than 1kg. Anyhow even with the spread, the Pro 3 can be conveyed about agreeably.

The 13in MacBook has Apple’s trademark aluminum complete. It gazes incredible out of the container, yet the light shade isn’t great at camouflaging scratches and flaws. Being the greater gadget, the MacBook is bulkier with twofold the thickness of the Pro 3 at 18mm and an aggregate weight of 1.6kg. The general foot shaped impression isn’t a lot of bigger than the Microsoft gadget – and in the event that you get a cover, this can without much of a stretch be conveyed as well.

Planned as a substance creation machine, the MacBook has a clamshell structure variable. It looks incredible yet its as not as flexible as the Surface Pro 3 regarding the matter of survey plot, with the screen tilting back a most extreme of 140 degrees. Looking to get rid of your old Mac or iPad? Forget eBay and Amazon, get instant cash with now!


The Pro 3’s 12in screen is made utilizing trustworthy Gorilla Glass 3. Microsoft has crushed in 3.1 million pixels (2160 x 1440). It’s completely touch screen empowered and we gauged a most extreme brilliance of 352cd/m2. It’s superb for web scanning and media errands.

The Windows 8.1 gadget sets out a high-marker however the MacBook Pro has the capacity surpass it. Clients get a 13in presentation with 4.2 million pixels (2560 x 1660) and the brilliance is a touch higher at 374cd/m2. The main zone where it doesn’t match the Surface Pro is touch screen usefulness.

Colors are profound and dynamic on both machines, making it conceivable to utilize them for interactive media work. The Pro 3 has more immersion, so colors look more sensible on the Mac.

Mac accomplishes more take a shot at upgrading the board with OS X so you won’t discover scaling issues in the MacBook. Then again, this is a risky region on the Surface Pro 3, as present outsider applications; for example, Adobe Photoshop can’t be utilized agreeably on the high-res screen, as the symbols are small.


The Surface Pro 3 has three manifestations of information. The touch screen is perfect for web perusing, as you can tap in web locations, click on connections, and squeeze to-zoom and parchment. It’s additionally there when you need to switch between applications or close them down.

The console can be cut in for long-structure composing and altering. It’s satisfactory when you’re moving yet writing on everything day can prompt wrist and finger exhaustion. The track pad is the weakest piece of the Pro 3, however this is remunerated to some degree by the touch screen.

Pen input is accessible for note-taking by means of OneNote and can likewise be utilized to cooperate with outline applications. It’s got 256 purposes of weight and the execution is incredible. You can click the pen-top whenever and begin taking notes promptly.

In correlation, include on the MacBook Pro is confined to the console and track pad. The Chiclet style keys are generally separated – despite the fact that travel could be better. The sharp edges on the MacBook can likewise be rebuffing on your wrists and we’ve encountered wrist spasms when utilizing it for long stretches. The track pad is remarkable as far as responsiveness and there are various signal controls accessible to switch in the middle of applications and desktops. These work impeccably and support route between numerous applications.

Mac has yet to coordinate a touch screen into its smart phone gadgets and there’s no pen enter either. Read more here about how to sell your old laptop and mobile phone for cash!

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