The coolest gadgets of 2018 so far…

We’re just over half way through, and 2018 has already been VERY good to us in terms of newly released gadgets – here’s some of the coolest gadgets of 2018 so far.

PowerVision have taken drone photography one step further by releasing an underwater drone which can go 30 metres deep (which is 98 feet) and record 4K video while it’s down there. It streams this video to your phone – which is, by the way, what you use to navigate the drone.

There’s smart-everything these days, and one of the biggest successes are kitting out homes with smart technology. Industry leaders in voice recognition technology, Voxior, have rolled out the perfect products to make our lives easier.

Then there’s the smart bikes. LeEco have released bicycles with built in touchscreens, run by Android, which can be used for navigation, playing music and as walkie-talkies.

Moen have released a new shower which you can control from your phone – gone are the days of damp sleeves when you’ve not pulled your arm out fast enough after turning on the shower. With the Moen app, you can preheat the water and control how long your shower lasts for!

Another company with a new shower gadget is Smart and Blue: their Hydrao shower heads come with built in LED lights which not only look cool, they change colour as you’re showering to let you know how long you’ve been in there for. So take note while you’re practising your X Factor audition song, you’re racking up the utility bills and the Hydrao will let you know about it.

LG’s new W7 featherweight TVs are so thin, they pretty much sit flush with the wall that you attach them to. They come in 65- and 77-inch designs, and apparently their picture quality is even better than last year’s offering from LG: the E6.

Now you know the coolest gadgets of 2018 so far – let’s see what the rest of the year will come to bring!

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