Investment Safety

Investments are on the rise these days, as more people are looking to make money in get-rich-quick schemes. These can come in many different varieties, whether it is a phone call out of nowhere, or an email trying to convince you to buy shares that are about to go up based on fictitious information that has to remain ‘secret.’ This secret information can include large tax deductions or refunds, investing in real estate, or being invited to a suspicious investment seminar. If you are contacted by anyone randomly offering you an investment opportunity, the best thing to do is decline, and hang up the phone immediately.

What Is At Risk

When you get yourself involved in an investment scam, you will lose a considerable amount of money and likely end up in debt. If you choose to invest in a tax scheme, you could be held liable to pay back any missing tax, as well as penalties and losing the money you invested. Never take advice from someone trying to offer you shares. People who fall victim to their advice are usually left with large losses or worthless shares. To sell your old business laptops online and risk free, visit for a quotation.

How do I know if an investment is unsafe?

  • You may receive an unsolicited call or email offering you the opportunity to invest in shares of a particular company. The message usually claims that a price on a share has increased by a large amount or after an opening statement about upcoming mergers or a breakthrough of a product or service that doesn’t exist.
  • The message probably won’t be addressed to you personally, and more than likely will not have a signature.
  • The message may include confusing text. This is done to avoid spam filters.
  • Be very wary of investments that promise high result with little or no risk.
  • Don’t open suspicious emails/spam. Delete them.
  • Always seek professional advice from an accountant or a trusted source.
  • Research and check reviews for the company offering the plan. If someone was scammed in the past due to these pyramid schemes, there more than likely will be a review online about it.
  • Use a stockbroker or share trading service based in your respective country.

How can I avoid unsafe investments?


You should ignore the email or forum post. If you think it may be legitimate, you should ALWAYS consult a financial advisor first. Don’t risk losing your money in faulty investments. If you are offered money in the form of a loan, always go with a responsible lender. Taking the time to do your research will help keep you safe in the long run.


How to Report Investment Fraud



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