The Do’s, Don’ts, Steps and Safety Tips of Conference Calls

As technology advances businesses have adjusted their means of communication in order to be successful. One of the biggest communication advances for any employee now a days is conference calls. Conference calls come in handy for those who work on the go, work from home, work while on vacation, work for a company that has multiple locations and work for a company that has clients world wide. Conference calls help successful businesses communicate when there isn’t any possible way to communicate in person. Your business can utilize conference calls through a phone or computer. Listed below is Zarax‘s Do’s and Don’ts of conference calls.


The Do’s of Conference Calls

  • Do schedule a time and date for your conference call
  • Do plan accordingly as to what you want to say and discuss
  • Do make sure you send out the conference call time, date, passcodes, materials for discussion and any other information to all those involved
  • Do invite a guest speaker to either speak at the beginning or end of your meeting
  • Do make sure your microphone volume is adjusted properly
  • Do make sure you send a reminder of the conference call
  • Do make sure you start the conference call on time
  • Do treat the conference call as if it were a real face to face meeting
  • Do have everyone on the call introduce themselves and make sure you introduce yourself as well
  • Do address people by names for any discussion or feedback
  • Do close the meeting formally


The Don’ts of Conference Calls

  • Don’t forget your conference call
  • Don’t allow yourself to be in a noisy area during the call
  • Don’t assume everyone recognizes your voice
  • Don’t allow the topic to wonder
  • Don’t shuffle papers or make any unnecessary noise
  • Don’t put your conference call on hold


The Steps of Starting Conference Calls

  • Schedule and plan remember you are working with other people’s schedules are well
  • Send out your meeting request, this should include everything the attendees will need including agenda, passcodes and discussion notes
  • Make a list of attendees include where they are from and basic information about them. This will help when you are on call and waiting for attendees to join
  • Make sure you send a reminder of the conference call the day before and the day of the scheduled call
  • Before going on call review any information you will be discussing
  • Start the call, introduce yourself and have others introduce themselves as well
  • Remember not everyone will be on time to the conference call just like any meeting. So make sure you have notes handy for discussion ideas until everyone has joined
  • Follow your agenda and keep the conversation on track, this is most likely a timed meeting
  • Make sure to ask questions, concerns and feedback


Safety Tips for Conference Calls

  • Make sure you only invite those who are suppose to be on the call
  • Make sure you are in a secure location when discussing information
  • Make sure if you want the conference call recorded you assign one individual to record the meeting
  • Make sure the correct people are on the call
  • Make sure you use a secure connection when using a computer for the conference call
  • Make sure all information passed out before the conference call gets passed to the correct people
  • Tell everyone you want the meeting with that they must attend and not have a replacement go on call for them


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