Which Phone Is Best For You? Samsung Galaxy S5 Vs Apple IPhone 6

Here at www.zarax.co.uk we love a good smartphone battle, and this week we have a whopper! For the last few years there’s just been two handsets EVERYBODY thought about: Samsung’s most recent Galaxy S gadget and Apple’s iPhone. Not long from now, in any case, is marginally diverse as Samsung –– in every practical sense –– is attempting to transform 2014’s Galaxy S5 into a hit, emulating affirmed dunks in deals year-on-year of around 40%. Luckily for Samsung it has the Galaxy Note 4 and the altogether fabulous Samsung Galaxy Alpha to fill in the crevices.

JK Shin is obviously confronting the terminating squad and Samsung is currently at present totally re-assessing its Galaxy S line in front of the dispatch of the Galaxy S6 amid Q1 2015 –– so expect BIG changes. In this correlation we’re going to examine how the current Galaxy S5 contrasts with Apple’s somewhat fresher iPhone 6. In wording specs and fittings by and large both handsets are pretty equally matched –– as a rule, in any case –– yet are alternate contrasts? What’s more where does one exceed the other? Lets find out!

Build & Design

In spite of prior bits of gossip in actuality, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is not a gigantic progressive jump for the brand regarding configuration. The screen has not stretched much, and therefore the bodywork has just extended somewhat in all headings, pretty sufficiently much to recognize when the telephone is put side-by-side with its forerunner.

The corners are a little squarer, albeit on somewhat – its still an exceptionally adjusted off shape overall. While that supposed metallic form hasn’t risen, the silver (plastic) encompass now has a furrowed composition as seen on the Galaxy Note 3, then the back board has a matte completion and a dimpled surface.

There’s additionally a spread on the micro USB port, an indication of the Ip67 tidy and water sealing. As is progressively the case with vigorously supposed dispatches, the iPhone 6 ended up being all that we’d heard as of now, and in fact all that we’d seen in the torrent of released sham mockups.

That implies another yet-well known shape with more adjusted corners and edges, and an aluminum back board that embraces round to the front. It’s 6.8mm thick and games a stainless steel Apple logo on the back. There is, notwithstanding, no waterproofing and none of that supposed Sapphire Glass on the front to prevent the screen from crushing on the off chance that you bobble it. Apple has figured out how to make the iPhone 6 look unique enough from its forerunner while keeping up that extraordinary Apple tasteful. It’s a bigger telephone to oblige the greater presentation, however the screen-to-body proportion is pretty much unaltered. There’s a striking new outline to the end tops at either end of the telephone.

Hardware, Connectivity & Storage

The iPhone 6 comes in 16gb, 64gb, and 128gb stockpiling variations – the 32gb model is dead and covered. Samsung’s Galaxy S5 accompanies either 16gb or 32gb of locally available stockpiling in addition to MicroSD help for cards up to 128gb.

Both gadgets peculiarity unique finger impression scanners, while the Galaxy S5 has a listen rate sensor on the back. Touch ID conveys more steady finger impression distinguishment execution while the Galaxy S5’s scanner can be fiddly and unstable.

You can utilize Samsung’s scanner with Paypal and Google Wallet for remote installments through NFC, however Apple has set up its own Apple Pay administration. It will commence in the US in October, and we don’t yet know when it will arrive somewhere else, yet you will have the capacity to utilize the iPhone 6 (and a combined Apple Watch) for contactless installments utilizing the implicit NFC chip and the Touch ID scanner at purpose of-offer.


There are different size variations of the iPhone 6 (well, two), yet the customary one games a 4.7in IPS LCD Retina HD touchscreen. It packs a 1334 x 750 pixel determination at 325 pixels-every inch.

Samsung’s presentation has expanded ever-so-somewhat from the Galaxy S4’s 5-inch board to 5.1-inches and has stayed Super AMOLED with a full HD 1920×1080 pixel determination. This ought to bring about a pixel thickness of 430 pixels-every inch (ppi) for some sharp picture quality and Samsung’s tech reliably conveys extraordinary color, splendor and differentiation.

Processor and Performance

We’ve known for quite a while the iPhone 6 would emphasize an A8 chipset, yet we didn’t know all the points of interest. Actually, we still don’t have the foggiest idea about ALL the subtle elements, however Apple’s uncovered a couple of all the more now.

It’s running on second-era, 64-bit, 20 nanometre building design, which comes down to 20% speedier execution than the iPhone 5s and half quicker representation execution as well. Apple has additionally changed the chip to convey enhanced “maintained execution”, significance it can abstain from overheating regardless of the fact that its running at abnormal states for long stretches.

Apple has additionally included a redesigned M8 movement co-processor which can quantify gaseous tension with an implicit indicator – it can utilize this to figure rise and separation, so it knows whether you ran round the piece on the level, or on the off chance that you went up a mountain. It can likewise recognize diverse action sorts, for example, cycling or running.

Prelaunch spills did recommend the conceivable specs for the iphone 6 A8 chip. It’s thought it might be a double center 1.4ghz chip utilizing 1gb of RAM and Apple’s second-gen Cyclone building design. Post-dispatch benchmarks seem to have affirmed this spec as well.

Samsung has selected a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 quad-center processor timed at 2.5ghz, with 2gb of RAM and an overhauled Adreno 330 GPU. This is unquestionably quick, yet not the 64-bit jump forward some were expecting, nor is it a Snapdragon 805 – Qualcomm’s more fearsome chip which we’ve see inside the Galaxy Note 4.

Software & UI

This is the part where the fan young men creep out from the shadows and start finding better approaches to affront one another in their thesauruses. Working frameworks can result in some genuine contentions and it generally closes in tears, trust us, we run a cell phone site with a remark area.

Be that as it may both Android and ios are presently so completely created with minute gimmick contrasts it truly is down to your individual inclination.

The enormous point of interest here for the iPhone 6 is its running the most recent and most noteworthy programming. Apple’s ios 8.1.1 product has recently dispatched on the stage and every one of the individuals who have the handset will have the capacity to download it and get the best ios experience immediately.

Samsung’s Galaxy S5 is running on Android 4.4.2 Kitkat. That isn’t the most progressive variant of Kitkat (it goes up to Android 4.4.4) and from that point forward Google has discharged the following redesign to Android 5.0 Lollipop. Read more here and discover just how easy it is to exchange your old iPhone for instant money.

Keyboard Woes

One thing important is that while another peculiarity bragged by ios 8 is the expansion of backing for outsider consoles, their genuine execution isn’t exactly up to the same standard as Android, where its been an installation for quite a while. Android’s hosted third gathering consoles for yonks and there’s one for each taste with an entire host of fluctuated usefulness, the absolute most acclaimed incorporate Swype, Swiftkey, and Fleksy. Be that as it may on Apple’s stage, while engineers of these applications have sensibly made ios equivalents now that they’re backed, the conveyance is hampered sort of by some inherent ios usefulness. KYM Editor Richard Goodwin penned this article to clarify what the uproar is, and here’s a selection:

“In the event that you haven’t yet gone for outsider consoles on ios, there are a couple of things you have to know before you set out for some dropping £0.69 on one. In the first place, you can’t utilize an outsider console in specific ios applications, significance you always need to switch between Swiftkey, for example, and Apple’s stock console. Apple says this is for security.”

“Actually when you set Swiftkey as your true console in all applications outside the center ones Apple keeps it out of, regardless you see the stock Apple console ALL THE TIME, importance you need to then go into console settings and reselect Swiftkey by and by. That is correct, it’s LONG.”

He goes ahead to include that current forms of these applications are likewise really damn surrey all alone. Appears to be there’s a lot of work for Apple and its devs to do here


Apple has by and by taken the delicately, delicately approach to imaging abilities with the iphone 6. It has an all new 8mp isight sensor with a f/2.2 opening, 1080p feature, computerized adjustment, and genuine tone streak.

The new sensor uses “center pixels”, which permit it to have quicker self-adjust and better commotion lessening. It can catch 43mp displays and slo-mo feature at 120fps or 240fps. In the mean time, a bespoke Apple picture processor on the A8 chip takes into consideration speedier face, flicker, and grin identification.

On the front the Facetime cam is presently a Facetime HD cam, with another sensor, f/2.2 gap, enhanced face discovery, single-shot HDR, and blast selfies.

With the Galaxy S5, the cam structures a standout amongst the most significant upgrades on the gadget. Where the Galaxy S4 was a bit gimmicky in this respect, the Galaxy S5 really acquaints valuable and intriguing gimmicks with provide for it a decent arrangement of claim.

The sensor is a 16-megapixel setup with 4k feature catch capacity. There’s additionally a fairly cool “Specific Focus” mode, which sounds very like a Lytro cam and can permit you to catch a picture before selecting a point of convergence later. Other flawless traps incorporate a 0.3 second catch speed and “HDR Live”, which gives you a chance to perceive how HDR will change your picture before you catch it. Thinking of selling your old camera phone? Look no further than Zarax. We specialise in buying old phones and tablets for cold hard cash!


Apple has just said the battery execution of the iPhone 6 will be in the same class as or better than the iPhone 5s and that it will keep going for 14 hours of talk time on 3g. That is not extraordinary, yet today’s iPhones are truly control effective. On the off chance that you don’t have the screen exchanged on, the handset will essentially taste juice at such a low-rate you can –– we did amid our tests –– get to around 4pm toward the evening with around 70-odd% left on the battery. With heavier utilization, will in any case figured out how to eek out a full day of utilization from a solitary charge, on the other hand, I don’t think the handset would make it too far past 10pm as a rule without a mid-evening top up. It’s still a huge change on the iPhone 5s, however in the event that you need to see genuine contrast in battery execution on an iPhone you have to try for the iPhone 6 Plus.

The battery inside the Samsung Galaxy S5 is bounty effective at 2,800mah and has a fabulous Ultra Power Saving mode which can last up to 12 days on a solitary accuse of everything except the most crucial capacities close down. It’s additionally removable, so you can toss an extra in there or supplant a flawed unit. For those concerned with battery there’s truly stand out choice in this setting: the Samsung Galaxy S5. It has more stamina, a removable battery pack, and a bigger cell in the first place.



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