The Perfect Laptops to Keep On Top of Your Studies

Gone are the days when, to attend a college lecture, all you needed was a pen and notebook. Now the notebooks are technologically advanced and the pen is non-existent.

We remember when college meant lugging around ragged notebooks, complete with the obligatory loose pages – as though this were proof of hard studying, pens galore and countless heavy text-books with notes in the margins – again, proof. Our shoulders would strain as we swung backpacks at near-breaking point onto our backs and we’d droop, as though arthritic, once we managed to heave the bag into a locker. Being a student was hard work in more ways than one.

Now, when we say to our kids as they jump, almost empty handed, out of the car, before they can slam the door in our faces, ‘You kids have got it so easy’, we really mean it!

Choosing the best laptop for your studies involves some important decisions, and with increasing numbers of students choosing to study remotely, laptops are often taking the place of lecturers and libraries. But when surrounded by so many shiny new machines, picking the right machine can seem like a minefield, so let’s try to make it easy.

2-in-1 Laptops

The innovative 2-in-1 laptops are where the two big giants meet – the tablet and the traditional laptop come together in perfect harmony. Ideal for the mixed media student lifestyle, useful laptop by day, and full-on-fun tablet when the sun goes down, negating the need to carry two devices, whilst allowing the student budget to go further.

According to, Lenovo have successfully cornered this market with their high performance 2-in-1 machines. These impressive powerhouses are beautifully slimline, incredibly well built and are competitively priced for the student wallet. They incorporate a nicely responsive touchscreen, with some models including a stylus (okay, we might have lied about the non-existent pen), while the clamshell design, with reassuringly reliable hinges, allows the effortless transformation between laptop, tent and tablet.

Lenovo machines are renowned for their performance and visual adventure, and their 2-in-1 models are no different, providing an exceptional user experience with powerful processors and dramatically good graphics. These machines can slip from lecture notes and graphs to full-on gaming mode in an instant, allowing for an all round student lifestyle.

Small Laptops

Ideal for slipping into an unobtrusively small bag, in the case of these models small in stature definitely doesn’t mean smaller in performance power. The neat, tidy design of the small laptop is perfect for dashing from lecture to lecture, sleek, slimline and light in weight.

Performance wise, lack of size is no excuse for poor performance, and fortunately with the majority of branded machines, the processors are great, and can easily match larger screened models. They include all the usual incorporations, such as reliably steady connections, good battery life, and a responsive keyboard, with some offering touchscreen features. For essays, graphics and other student requirements they are ideal. However, if you prefer to relax with gaming or a movie in the evening, a larger screened model may suit you better.

Large Laptops

With many students studying online from afar, or even enjoying a full distance learning course, the need for laptop portability is diminished, and the machine can get away with being larger. This allows for bigger and better displays, offering a more expansive and improved visual experience. Not necessarily an indication of increased performance, however size grants the opportunity for more ports, larger trackpad and keyboard, potentially meaning less typos when formulating an important essay.

Chilling out after a heavy study session is easier, too. With a larger visual area, games and movie watching can draw the user into a fully immersive adventure, allowing tired brains to step away from the stress of active reading, researching and writing. So, despite their lack of mobility, a larger laptop can be just as productive for a student as the smaller model.

When choosing a laptop for your studies, it mainly comes down to personal choice – what works for one, may not be what you’re looking for, and vice versa. You know your own requirements and should decide which machine, based on them alone.

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