Staying safe on your smartphone

With social media and thousands of other apps available, it’s easy to get lost in an online world you’re not too familiar with. Safety is important, so here are some things to remember while you enjoy the excitement your smartphone has to offer – our top tips in staying safe on your smartphone

Firstly, never give your personal details (phone number, address, school/workplace) to somebody who you don’t know, unless it’s for a verified purchase. And never give anyone your passwords or other sensitive information.

Secondly, most apps – social media especially – offer privacy settings. Utilise them, so that it’s only your friends and the people who you want to see, who can see what you’re posting.

Next up – photographs. Be careful posting photos in your school or work uniform, or uploading pictures to social media ‘then and there’ as it may be obvious to a lot of people where you are.

Number four: be respectful. Not everyone will share the same views as you, or the same background, or the same culture. While it’s important to talk about how you feel, be careful to offend anyone as this can lead to online arguments which can turn pretty nasty!

Last but not least for smartphone safety, if you encounter anything you don’t feel comfortable with – report it! Apps and social media, for the most part, have the option to do this. If something has upset you, talk to your friends, family, colleagues or teachers, too.

If you’re sensible and safe, your smartphone can be a haven of fun, friendship, laughter, memory making and more.

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