Add-on gadgets for your smartphone

You’ve got your smartphone, and you’re using it to its fullest – or are you? There’s plenty of add-on gadgets that you could be missing out on, that will help you get even more from your smartphone.

Selfie lights: these come in a range of different styles from miniature ring lights that clip over your screen (slightly blocking your view of yourself) to smaller bar lights that run along the top of the device. Either way, your selfies will be looking better and better!

Portable chargers: you don’t have to reserve your battery any longer, with a whole range of portable chargers available. There’s emoji shaped ones, credit card sized ones, and oddly shaped devices that take power from one phone and deliver it to another. Never again will you be left with a dying phone on a long bus ride.

Miniature lenses: phone photography no longer has to be sub-par, with a variety of lenses available that slide onto your phone to offer fish-eye, macro and wide angle photography. Create beautiful photographs without having to carry a heavy camera around with you all day!

Touchscreen gloves: sick of not being able to use your phone in minus temperatures, because you don’t want to catch frostbite? There are all sorts of gloves available with conductive material at the fingertips, meaning you can use your touchscreen devices to your hearts content while keeping warm at the same time.

Speakers: when you’re outside with no access to electricity, you might have no way of listening to music at a level loud enough for everybody to hear. But with plug-in and Bluetooth speakers available, you can make a playlist for everyone to enjoy.

Now you’ve got the most up to date smartphone and the gadgets to go with it, you’ll be the envy of all your friends.

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